Not Just Need for Speed

The Need 4 Speed

The definition of excitement is rather broad, in terms of what causes it. This website will observe some of the many interesting ways people get excited. It could be anything from sports to lap dancing, there is really no limit to it. Looking at people who are really enjoying themselves and learning from that is an experience in itself. For this reason, I started this project. I’ve always been interested in “what the hell” other people are doing. Especially what they do for kicks.

Besides analysing others, I will also explain some of my interesting hobbies and things that make my heart pump. This is not just a right for speed, but a look into life from all angels. After all, excitement is surely one of the reasons we live on this planet.

While a lot of it is a chemical reaction, a lot of it is a life long journey to find something that connects with one. While not everything connects with anyone, the search connects us all.

Oh and btw. there will be some speed included as well of course! 🙂

Your new buddy,

Harvey Dudley

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  • Dan Jacks

    That’s a really interesting way to look at it. For me, it’s speed but I know that a lot of slow things can create the same level of excitement for other people. Funny world for sure.

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