Exciting Jiangzhou Drum Now in Beijing

Jiang Zhou Drum Troupe

So as I promised I would get into some captivating and extremely fast paced stuff. This time I will travel to China to get to know one of the most ancient, yet powerful musical performances of our history. Known as the “Jiangzhou Drum Troupe“, this prominent group makes stunning performances all over mainland China.

What’s so exiting about this particular drum? It’s because the beat is made to echo through your body, directly into your heart and soul. Or at least that’s what they say.. but largely I think it’s because the drumming is so intense, in such big impressive groups.. as well as the fact that the troupe has practiced for so many years. In fact, the performing art is inherited from ancestor to ancestor, making it a deeply profound and respected form of excitement!

Jiang Zhou is a place in China where the drumming once began. But because of it’s huge popularity it is well known throughout China. While I would consider any kind of music exciting, this kind of drumming is something special in the genre of musical performances.

At the moment, the best place to catch a drum show from the Jiang Zhou Drum Troupe, is in Beijing. Highly recommended for those who are into theatre, or just like to have fun and enjoy a good drumming.

Whats exciting, until next time!

Harvey Dudley

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