Excitement Through Fighting

Ultimate Fighting

All kinds of fighting is perhaps one of the most controversial ways to seek for excitement. Of course, because someone might get hurt for the expense of a thrill by someone else. Or is this all there is to it?

I happen to be a big fan of ultimate fighting sports events. Such as UFC, Dream and many other competitions, where people challenge themselves in one of the toughest fighting events of all time. What is particular about UF, is that it doesn’t represent a certain fighting style. Instead the competitors can use any kind of style or a combination of styles (recommended if wanting to win) with a few rules to prevent most extreme acts that could cost someones sight, sexual reproduction capabilities or even life. Yet, these shows are very life threatening in deed.

Not knowing much about it, one might see it as just plain fighting. However, it is far from that. Because it is all about technique. In such a sport, the only way to win is to know all the techniques and combine them together. Also one must be able to use them when the time is right, yes in ultimate fighting championships, timing is everything.

One of the most practiced martial arts that is often combined with the sport is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It is another great favourite of mine, because it does not concentrate on hitting opponents, or even strength. It is one of the biggest concentrations of technique only in martial arts today. Having practiced it and then watching it defeat even the biggest and toughest opponents, is extremely exciting. So yes, one must understand something about it to get such kicks. Enrolling in martial arts classes will help!

Harvey Dudley

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  • Oliver Sullivan

    Nice post. I love fighting and think that it’s something that you need to respect. But, have to agree with you on that it’s very exciting!

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