A Look Into, Yes, Curling

The Wonderful World of Curling

So I am going to start of with an easy one. A rather peculiar sport, which has become very famous through it’s participation in the Olympics. Yes, you know what I am talking about.. it’s the wonderful world of “Curling”.

While this could seem as the most boring sport in the world, there are plenty of people who find it extremely exciting. Originating from Scotland because of the special type of rock that can make the “stone”, which you play it with. Two teams, take in turns to try and glide the stone through the ice and hit a red centre position. To control the speed after the stone has been pushed, other members of the team may proceed to brush the ice in order to make the stone glide faster.

This brushing, which resembles a lot like cleaning a floor is what a lot of people laugh at. And rightfully so, it’s good to laugh at it. However, those who practice curling take great pride in the sport.

One must understand, that these huge (and expensive) rocks are powerful components of the game. All about technique, this is an intellectual game. But to understand it’s excitement, one has to practice it by themselves. This is what I recently did, and now, I am totally hooked! 😛

Harvey Dudley

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