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While I am not new at this, there is just always more and more you can discover in the world of technology. While research can be fun too, my favorite bit of the process is to actually go out there and try things out. Naturally, there is a lurning curve with almost anything even if you are an experienced computer geek or whatever. But what’s important, is that you go out there and try. At least this is what said a computer and “blogger” specialist known as Elftronix on his awesome blog. And he has indeed created a thrilling website out of the simple subject of writing down his experiences with all kinds of computer related or even other stuff on the internet. For example fixing your WordPress problems, or perhaps finding your way to affiliate problems which are both topics that I am extremely interested in!

As someone who has excitement as his hobby, you need to be ready to learn from anyone when necessary. If something has taught me after reading the Elftronix blog over the years. It is that there is no one single best way to do things, or like solutions of that matter. For instance, one could endlessly fight against which is better, Joomla or WordPress. But having been able to solve many problems and find thrilling solutions using both of them.. I have come to the conclusion that both are best. And even if I am saying that, I will always keep my eyes open for the third even better solution which can come any time in the exciting future of ours.

Also it has been a huge motivator as a blogger in general, to see that simply sharing a very personal and even at times an intimate experience can be helpful for others. I could say it’s also the magic of Google as well as other search engines, where people are searching for what they are already interested in. In this moment when the person searches with that keyword, or a string of words that explain the problem they are having. There is a change for a meeting with someone who has already had that problem and found a solution for it. For me personally, I think that is just fantastic how the internet works in that way nowadays.

Greetings to the Elf man!

Harvey Dudley

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