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Exciting Acrobatic Show!

Beijing Acrobat Spectacle

When there is a performance in question and you want to get some excitement out of it. My style has always been to find a thrilling performance full of action and get tickets right to the front row. It has usually worked very well, with sometimes varying results of course. But sometimes there are those performances that never ever fail to grab your attention in new and exciting ways. Such as the Acrobat Show in Beijing that I had the opportunity to watch in China. In fact, after such an experience I feel very grateful for having witnessed a spectacle as exciting as this one, held at the Chaoyang Theatre venue right in the middle of the buzzing city action.

Sounds cool? It is cool! And forget about Cirque Soleil, I mean how are they still talking about that performance and comparing it to other acrobatics shows and circuses. The show at Chaoyang district will never compare, first of all it’s not circus but a highly skilful performance at a even highly respected old theatre in Beijing. The other things is, that if you were to come there with kids I would take caution. Since these feats that are performed there ever single day of the year are very dangerous and some youngster might get the wrong idea. Copying any of the stunts done there requires years of training, in fact if you didn’t start when you were a small child.. don’t expect to find yourself from the ranks of the Chaoyang spectacle.

Rarely have I witnessed such a show, but also an exciting crowd which made up half the atmosphere. I had no idea that Chinese could be so enthusiastic, and so loud. Sitting right in the middle of the action made my heart rush out at times. People were standing, and clapping as we saw more than a dozen acrobats balancing on top of each other, while rotating plates on top of long sticks (see picture above).

In one of the acts, they jump up and down a platform of sorts that goes almost up to the ceiling. It’s as if the huge theatre hall did not provide enough space for the heights the show wanted to take you. But as mentioned, the audience took care of the rest. I was clapping in the end so that my hands hurt. I wanted more, but I knew that when or if ever I need such a rush of excitement, I knew just the acrobatic show to go to. Only in Beijing!

Harvey Dudley

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