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Excitement Through Fighting

Ultimate Fighting

All kinds of fighting is perhaps one of the most controversial ways to seek for excitement. Of course, because someone might get hurt for the expense of a thrill by someone else. Or is this all there is to it?

I happen to be a big fan of ultimate fighting sports events. Such as UFC, Dream and many other competitions, where people challenge themselves in one of the toughest fighting events of all time. What is particular about UF, is that it doesn’t represent a certain fighting style. Instead the competitors can use any kind of style or a combination of styles (recommended if wanting to win) with a few rules to prevent most extreme acts that could cost someones sight, sexual reproduction capabilities or even life. Yet, these shows are very life threatening in deed.

Not knowing much about it, one might see it as just plain fighting. However, it is far from that. Because it is all about technique. In such a sport, the only way to win is to know all the techniques and combine them together. Also one must be able to use them when the time is right, yes in ultimate fighting championships, timing is everything.

One of the most practiced martial arts that is often combined with the sport is Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. It is another great favourite of mine, because it does not concentrate on hitting opponents, or even strength. It is one of the biggest concentrations of technique only in martial arts today. Having practiced it and then watching it defeat even the biggest and toughest opponents, is extremely exciting. So yes, one must understand something about it to get such kicks. Enrolling in martial arts classes will help!

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Exciting Jiangzhou Drum Now in Beijing

Jiang Zhou Drum Troupe

So as I promised I would get into some captivating and extremely fast paced stuff. This time I will travel to China to get to know one of the most ancient, yet powerful musical performances of our history. Known as the “Jiangzhou Drum Troupe“, this prominent group makes stunning performances all over mainland China.

What’s so exiting about this particular drum? It’s because the beat is made to echo through your body, directly into your heart and soul. Or at least that’s what they say.. but largely I think it’s because the drumming is so intense, in such big impressive groups.. as well as the fact that the troupe has practiced for so many years. In fact, the performing art is inherited from ancestor to ancestor, making it a deeply profound and respected form of excitement!

Jiang Zhou is a place in China where the drumming once began. But because of it’s huge popularity it is well known throughout China. While I would consider any kind of music exciting, this kind of drumming is something special in the genre of musical performances.

At the moment, the best place to catch a drum show from the Jiang Zhou Drum Troupe, is in Beijing. Highly recommended for those who are into theatre, or just like to have fun and enjoy a good drumming.

Whats exciting, until next time!

Harvey Dudley

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A Look Into, Yes, Curling

The Wonderful World of Curling

So I am going to start of with an easy one. A rather peculiar sport, which has become very famous through it’s participation in the Olympics. Yes, you know what I am talking about.. it’s the wonderful world of “Curling”.

While this could seem as the most boring sport in the world, there are plenty of people who find it extremely exciting. Originating from Scotland because of the special type of rock that can make the “stone”, which you play it with. Two teams, take in turns to try and glide the stone through the ice and hit a red centre position. To control the speed after the stone has been pushed, other members of the team may proceed to brush the ice in order to make the stone glide faster.

This brushing, which resembles a lot like cleaning a floor is what a lot of people laugh at. And rightfully so, it’s good to laugh at it. However, those who practice curling take great pride in the sport.

One must understand, that these huge (and expensive) rocks are powerful components of the game. All about technique, this is an intellectual game. But to understand it’s excitement, one has to practice it by themselves. This is what I recently did, and now, I am totally hooked! 😛

Harvey Dudley

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Not Just Need for Speed

The Need 4 Speed

The definition of excitement is rather broad, in terms of what causes it. This website will observe some of the many interesting ways people get excited. It could be anything from sports to lap dancing, there is really no limit to it. Looking at people who are really enjoying themselves and learning from that is an experience in itself. For this reason, I started this project. I’ve always been interested in “what the hell” other people are doing. Especially what they do for kicks.

Besides analysing others, I will also explain some of my interesting hobbies and things that make my heart pump. This is not just a right for speed, but a look into life from all angels. After all, excitement is surely one of the reasons we live on this planet.

While a lot of it is a chemical reaction, a lot of it is a life long journey to find something that connects with one. While not everything connects with anyone, the search connects us all.

Oh and btw. there will be some speed included as well of course! 🙂

Your new buddy,

Harvey Dudley

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